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Learning the characteristics of ceramic & porcelain flooring tiles

It’s much easier to make the decision to floor your home with ceramic & porcelain floor tiles if you understand the materials more. Each specific floor covering has its own strengths and weaknesses, making one or a few materials better for you than all the rest. When it comes to these materials, you can’t mistake the benefits like unrivaled elegance and durability, but how much do you really know about them? The good news is, you’re about to know more than you did before reading.

At The Floor Source, our goal is to make sure you get the flooring that best suits your needs and preferences. While we could simply listen to your needs and provide a quick answer, we also hope to be a source of education, so you really know what you’re getting. We also offer answers to your most pressing questions and services to bring everything together when you’re ready to take action. If you’re in Roanoke, Lynchburg, New River Valley, Franklin County, or Bedford County, we invite you to stop into our Moneta, VA showroom where our associates are standing by to serve you.

Ceramic & porcelain information is crucial

You could easily install ceramic & porcelain floor tiles in just about any area and be safe in your decision. However, knowing all the attributes that make it better or worse for certain areas can be awesome information to possess. For instance, knowing that porcelain is created with only the highest quality ingredients can be important. With no “extras” used in its manufacture, it has a through-body color that means you can simply choose a tile for its gorgeous natural appearance. Scratches and chips are less noticeable because of that coloration, which can be a great asset in heavily traveled areas of your home.

Ceramic & porcelain can also make great designer flooring. Since ceramics are often covered with bright glaze colors, they are most often used in creating strikingly unique mosaics which allow you to design anything you prefer. Colors, tile shapes and sizes, and placement open up a whole new dimension of possibility and you’ll love the outcome.

Another thing that makes ceramic & porcelain flooring a great choice is the fact that it’s incredibly tough. Heavy foot traffic, pet nails, dampness and spills, and even humidity are no match for this material. You’ll love that it’s easy to clean, too. Just wipe up any messes as they happen, sweep up loose debris, and damp mop at least once a week and your floors will look just like new for years.